Illex Blast Bone 190SF

€ 49,95

Our Blast Bone 190 SF harks back to the legendary flat Bone Clicker. This updated jointed Big Bait has all the great features of the original. Floating lure with an angled bib that dives just below the surface on the retrieve, a two-section flat sided body and that distinctive click. The new model also features a soft rubber fish tail which displaces more water when fished straight and continues working during pauses. This extra movement is enough to trigger takes from wary fish. When fished dog-walking style the Blast Bone does not stray too far from its original trajectory. Ideal when casting to specific targets like sunken trees or weedbed corridors. This lure will find favour with pike and specimen black bass anglers. For extra versatility try adding a John weight to create a suspended or slow sinking lure. The possibilities are endless!